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Yoga should be accessible to anyone so I created an easy way to start an at-home yoga practice. Yoga Athletic is a comprehensive collection of yoga workouts designed to increase your overall mobility, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Boost your physical health with my signature yoga workouts by starting your at-home yoga practice today!

Practice In Action

    Comprehensive: Each class is designed to mobilize, strengthen and energize the entire body.

    Efficient: These workouts are designed to maximize time and results. Every video is approximatley 30-40 minutes in length, including a warm-up and cool down.

    Focused: Every sequence is artfully crafted and guided by a specific principle of alignment, movement pattern, or major area of the body.

At-home Yoga Benefits

  • Compact 30-min sessions
  • Cheaper than studio-based yoga classes
  • Convenient! No commute, no parking, no tolls, no travel
  • Practice at your own pace and schedule
  • World-class instruction at your fingertips

Take my 14-Day Yoga Challenge

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How it works

  • Sign-up: Enter your email address above and you'll be automatically added.
  • Confirm: Confirm your enrollment by making sure you receive a welcome email.
  • Prepare: Gather your equipment (yoga mat, blocks, straps, etc) and decide when and where you'll be practicing for the duration of the Yoga Challenge.
  • Kick-off: On the start date, I'll send you an email once a day for 14 days with a brand new 30-min yoga workout.
  • Practice: Yoga workouts start simple and safely progress to more challenging workouts. Feel free to repeat previous videos or challenge yourself by completing every new video that you receive.
  • Guidance: If you're ever feeling stuck, have questions or need guidance on any pose or sequence, send me a private message. Although some questions can be answered through email, further assistance is offered by scheduling a private coaching session through Skype.
  • Surprise: Challenge yourself to see if you can commit to a daily 30-min yoga practice. After 2 weeks, you should feel a profound difference. A special surprise awaits you for completing the 14-day challenge...

About Mark Gonzales Pura

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I find the 14-day Yoga Challenge too easy/difficult?

Although this challenge is for all levels, we’ve designed this challenge so it can be suitable for the general practitioner, who is also a beginner.  I can also help build you a customized a yoga challenge through private coaching.  Send me a message to get started!

I’m a newbie to yoga (or fitness), is this challenge right for me?

This challenge is suitable for the general practitioner who may be a beginner. Although, be prepared to work!  I’ve found that absolute beginners get the most benefit out of this challenge in conjunction with private coaching for support throughout the program.  I offer highly effective modifications and safe progressions, as well as keep you on track and motivated to complete the challenge. For more information about private coaching please send me a message!


Who is this program not suited for? Any contraindications or precautions?

Learning yoga, like acquiring any skill masterfully, requires time, patience and dedication.  My program requires you to perform a variety of bodyweight movements which means your entire body will be challenged.   My yoga workouts are not suitable for the following individuals:
  • If you’ve had a recent back, shoulder, wrist, elbow or neck injury (please consult with your doctor)
  • Those who have had recent back, shoulder, wrist, elbow or neck surgery (please consult with your doctor)
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic pain or illness that affects your ability to exercise or invert upside down
  • Women who are pregnant (or trying)
  • Those you haven’t been cleared from your doctor/physician for strenuous exercise (please consult with your doctor)
  • Individuals who have high blood pressure

What is your refund policy?

Although my 14-day Yoga Challenge is FREE to sign-up.  I do offer special upgrades and offers.  If you’re unsure if a program is right for you? Go ahead and kick the tires and if you change your mind, simply cancel by sending me a written request within 30 days and receive a full refund. No problem!

What kind of equipment will I need?

Since yoga requires nothing but your body weight, equipment requirements are minimal.
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Strap or Hand Towel

Can I download the video and workouts?

Currently, the 14-day Yoga Challenge is streaming-only.  Individual yoga videos are for sale and downloadable after purchase.  To purchase visit my Video Collection page:  https://mgpura.com/store/


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