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A Complete Yoga Practice for Beginners

The easiest way to learn the basics and get the fundamentals

Comfortable with The Basics

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First time experiences can be intimidating, especially at a yoga studio. Imagine walking inside, cirque-esque people contorting while standing on their heads, you hear references to downward dogs, cat-cows and cobras. What? Exactly. Before you head over to a studio class, take the time to get familiar and master the basics with this beginner flow. By doing so, you'll develop a proper practice and make it easier to experience all the mental and physical benefits yoga has to offer. Plus, the next time you're feeling stressed, anxious or low energy you've got a go-to resource that can help. Just grab a mat and hit play.

What is Yoga Athletic?

Yoga Athletic is a collection of bite-sized yoga workouts designed to give you the daily maintenance you need to maintain a regular yoga practice.

The Overall Experience:

  • Comprehensive: Each class is designed to mobilize, strengthen and energize the entire body.
  • Efficient: These sessions are distilled to maximize time and give you only the essentials. Every session is approximatley 30-40 minutes in length, including a warm-up and cool down.
  • Focused: Every sequence is carefully sequenced and guided by a specific principle of alignment, movement pattern, or major area of the body focus.
  • Flexible: Bundles are available to create variety, maximize the benefits and create a more tailored experience.

Yoga Athletic - Beginner's Bundle

It's Never Too Late

The benefits of practicing yoga are endless and the best part is that you’re never too young or too old to begin.

What You'll Get

This program is made for you, especially if you've been thinking about getting back into shape and you've been held back about where to begin.

Join a growing community of new yogis whom started their yoga journey here and have continued a strong healthy sustainable practice.

You'll Learn The Following:

  • Basics: Get comfortable and confident with basic poses and transitions.

  • Essentials: Integrate one of the biggest fundamental principles of yoga: connecting movement to breathe.

  • Foundation: Learn the essentials of flowing from pose to pose and safely workout the entire body.

  • Accessible: Improve your strength and flexibility using safe progressions, even if you're really stiff, have never played sports or starting with limited range of motion.

Bonus #1

Power Yoga (75-min class)

This 75-minute video gives a powerful, challenging practice that will help you align your body and integrate it back into one. We’ll focus on the basics while offering playful progressions so you can continue to learn and discover something new. ($24 value)


Bonus #2

E-book:  Home Practice Jumpstart

You’ll discover in the following pages some helpful tips for establishing a home practice. It took me awhile to find out what worked best for me and I thought I’d share my tips with you in hope that it can help you establish a life-long home yoga practice. ($10 value)

Bonus #3

Power Yoga Music Playlist

Music is a big part of my personal practice and yoga classes.  This 30-minute playlist is created from actual tracks I use in actual classes. This mix is specially edited by me personally to supplement the yoga program provided.  Simply add it as background music to your yoga practice or enjoy it for work, driving or relaxing to. ($24 value)

Shaved-off Years

I have no doubt that going through your Beginner’s program has shaved off YEARS of fumbling around in my yoga journey.

– Diana Meister

The Guidance Is Priceless

I really wish I had this resource before going to my first yoga class. The guidance in this is priceless. For everyone still undecided, this will help you find out how to properly do all the basic poses. I seriously believe people need this material.

– Sunil Sharma

The Best Thing I've Done In Years

The Yoga Athletic – Beginner’s program was by far the best thing I’ve done in years. It was wonderfully helpful, the sequences brought so much clarity to my yoga practice. Very empowering, I wish I’d discovered earlier!

– Lisa Scott

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