Bonus: Aeon (60-min)


DAY 21: Power Yoga:æon
Yoga Athletic: 14-day Yoga Challenge

Congratulations on completing the FULL 21-day Yoga Challenge. First I’d like to send you my deepest gratitude, I’m honored to be part of your yoga journey and I hope you’ve been inspired to keep coming back to your mat and practicing.  Take a moment and really acknowledge yourself for this accomplishment.  I hope your hard work has reaped benefits in the way you feel today.

I’ll send you off for the last time with my favorite yoga video from my collection. It was a fun challenging project and I grew so much from producing it. And I hope it has the same effect on you. Please keep in touch with me on your yoga progress.  If you’re ever feeling stagnant or stuck with your yoga practice, reach out and connect with me, I’d love to help!  Thanks again, and have a great practice… enjoy!