DAY 15: Fly Away Flow
Yoga Athletic: 14-day Yoga Challenge

Over the next 7-days, we’ll be progressing everything we’ve covered over the last 2 weeks and look for ways to go deeper, stronger and more open in your practice.

For day 15, I thought we’d start with a recovery sequence that is designed for those stressful, exhausting days due to travel. Today’s practice is all about taking yoga on the road. It’s geared for those who find themselves traveling a lot. So when the feeling of home isn’t stable or familiar, I find a yoga practice that is grounding, feels safe, and for the most part maintenance-based should feel like coming home. So whether you are at home or not, set up your space, if you’re in a hotel, maybe you move couches around, grab cushions as your block or bolster. If you’re at home, maybe simply facing the opposite direction is enough to make things feel unfamiliar.