21-day Handstand Challenge

March 20 - April 9

The best new way to learn handstands!

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Learning how to handstand can take months and years to master and unfortunately one-day or weekend workshops aren’t enough to give you all the important material, ongoing guidance and personal coaching required to really breakthrough in your handstand journey.

Join a unique opportunity to learn handstands virtually with our 21-day handstand challenge. We’ve developed a modern approach to learning handstands using safe progressions, high quality video demos, full-body workouts, a virtual training journal, access to a Master Trainer and much more!


For 21-days you’ll receive bite-sized lesson that covers the fundamentals of strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and mindset required to balance on your hands.

The virtual program will cover the following:

  • Proper wrist/shoulder warm up
  • How to open the shoulders
  • Strengthening the core
  • Finding the hollow body position
  • The correct use of wall progressions
  • Multiple ways to invert and hand balance
  • Safe ways to enter AND exit handstands
  • Neuromuscular aspect of balancing
  • …and finally, the handstand with a flat-back

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We understand mastering handstands isn't a straight-forward linear journey and one-size fits all programs aren't effective for those who want specialized attention. Perhaps you are an absolute beginner who prefers a slower pace, an athlete looking to incorporate handstands into your workout program or have already mastered the basics and ready for the next level - we've got you covered! For those who want to work closely with a master Trainer, you can upgrade your challenge with our special offering.

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  • Movement Assessment: Receive an in-depth movement assessment (performed prior to program start date). This assessment will look at your various functional movement patterns to determine your current fitness level and blueprint.
  • Customized Program: A team of master trainers will take results from your movement assessment and customize a 21-day handstand challenge made specifically for you.
  • Video Uploads: We'll upgrade your profile to allow video uploads so you can receive ongoing assessments, critiques and feedback from a Master Trainer
  • Virtual Meetup: Participate in a private virtual meetup once a week led by a master handstand trainer and other handstand enthusiasts from around the world for open discussions, to ask questions, gain insights and deeper strategies related to handstand training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Handstands?

Handstands are more than just a showpiece.  For thousands of years, athleticism has been demonstrated through feats of bodyweight strength and skill, where individuals who were truly ‘fit’ didn’t just look fit, but also demonstrated mastery over their own bodies in skillfully artistic ways.  Even in the golden age of bodybuilding, bodybuilders were known to challenge each other post workout with hand balancing and bodyweight strength contests.  And even today, the idea of practicing advanced skills and self-mastery is making its way back into fitness.

Many find their way towards handstand training simply due to stagnation and boredom with conventional workout routines.  Are you bored with your current workouts?  Add handstand training!  Handstands don’t require any fancy equipment making it accessible to just about anyone and making training accessible to just about any fitness level.

What are the benefits of Handstands?

There are so many benefits, but to start, a handstand is a prime example of integrating our entire kinetic chain.  Each position, alignment, and movement requires constant communication and neuromuscular efficiency in order to maintain that perfect balance making it a total-body exercise and movement practice.  Some of the physical benefits include greater shoulder strength/stability/flexibility, improved body alignment and an increase in spatial awareness, grip strength, spinal stability and overall core strength!

The mechanics of successfully performing a proper handstand will amp up all your other exercise endeavors too, making you stronger, more stable, and better coordinated.  Another thing to consider is while the discipline and focus required to master a handstand will make you a better human being overall, it will also teach you important life skills such as long-term goal setting, facing your fears/doubts, attention to detail, focus, and self-confidence, just to name a few.

And on top of all that, it’s great fun and requires no equipment to perform, so once you can fly upside down safely, the world becomes your playground.  Regardless of what sport you play, how old you are or even if you don’t do sport or go to the gym, there are huge benefits for us all!

Can I master a handstand in 21-days?

Just as it takes a baby months of daily conditioning and practice to eventually stand on their own, it can take an adult months or years of repeated practice to build the flexibility, strength, stability and neural grooves associated to perfect a handstand. Mastering handstands is a long rewarding life-long  journey.  Are you willing to invest that kind of time?  Our program is designed for anyone looking to excel or kickstart their handstand journey.  We can guarantee that it will be one of the most humbling and gratifying journeys that you’ll experience.

What type of help support do you provide?

For those in the VERTIKAL program:
This program is ideal for the general practitioner looking for a basic foundation and self-directed approach.  We designed Vertikal so anyone can follow the program safely with easy-to-follow instructions and videos.  As long as you can connect to the internet, you can take the lessons anywhere that supports your training.  If you have any questions about using the program, feel free to email us:

For those in the VERTIKAL: Gold program:
This program is ideal for the practitioner who prefers a customized handstand program and looking for more ongoing coaching throughout the program.  Whether you are an intermediate/advanced practitioner or perform better with a coach along side you to stay on track, our Gold program is designed for you.  Gold members receive an in-depth assessment, a customized program, have the ability to upload their own videos for feedback and have the option to discuss their training once a week with a Master Trainer.

What if I find the program too easy/difficult?

Although this challenge is for all levels, we’ve designed this challenge so it can be suitable for the general practitioner who may be a beginner.  The challenge can still offer huge benefits through a customized program.

If you need modifications that are either easier or tougher than what the general program provides, consider signing up for the VERTIKAL: Gold program.  Gold members receive an in-depth assessment, a customized program, have the ability to upload their own videos for feedback and have the option to discuss their training once a week with a Master Trainer.

I’m a newbie to handstands (or fitness), is this challenge right for me?

This challenge is suitable for the general practitioner who may be a beginner. Although, be prepared to work!  We’ve found that absolute beginners get the most benefit out of this challenge, have the most breakthroughs and keep themselves injury/pain-free with a Master Trainer on hand for support throughout the program.  A Master Trainer can give highly effective modifications and safe progressions, as well as keep you on track and motivated to complete the challenge. For more information about the VERTIKAL: Gold program can be found after signing up for the 21-day challenge.


Who is this program not suited for? Any contraindications or precautions?

Handstand training, like acquiring any advanced skill, requires time, patience and dedication.  Although the ultimate goal is handstands, it is a bodyweight movement which means your entire body will be challenged.
This program is not suitable for the following individuals:
  • If you’ve had a recent back, shoulder, wrist, elbow or neck injury (please consult with your doctor)
  • Those who have had recent back, shoulder, wrist, elbow or neck surgery (please consult with your doctor)
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic pain or illness that affects your ability to exercise or invert upside down
  • Women who are pregnant (or trying)
  • Those you haven’t been cleared from your doctor/physician for strenuous exercise (please consult with your doctor)
  • Individuals who have high blood pressure

What is your refund policy?

Although some of our programs are FREE to sign-up.  We do offer upgrades and special programs.  If you’re unsure if a program is right for you? Go ahead and kick the tires, we have a great money-back guarantee!  Simply cancel by sending us a written request within 3 days after the program start date and receive a full refund for your purchase. No problem!

What kind of equipment will I need?

Since handstands require nothing but your body weight, equipment requirements are pretty minimal.  Our program and workouts use primarily bodyweight exercises and movements, so a typical home-gym setup is basically all you need.
This equipment typically includes:
  • Yoga Mat
  • Pull-up Bar (freestanding, doorway, anchored, etc)
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Strap or Hand Towel
  • Bench (Elevated Box/Step)
  • Sliders or Heavy Duty Paper Plates
  • Stability Ball
  • Dowel (and light weight plates) or Weighted Bar (Light/med weight)
  • Light/medium Dumbbells (2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 15lb)
  • Jump rope
Optional equipment: Olympic Rings, Stall Bars, Kettlebell, Elastic Bands, TRX
If for any reason, you don’t have access to a particular piece of equipment, send us a note and we can help you find an alternative.

Can I download the video and workouts?

Currently, downloads are not available with our platform.  If the demand for downloads increases, we may reconsider, so please check back in the future for this feature to be added.

What is the video upload feature?

The video upload feature is exclusive to members of the VERTIKAL: Gold program. This feature can be found within each lesson and allows you to upload videos – up to 1-min in length.  It can be used to record your best or latest attempts at certain drills, skills or exercises for record keeping and proof of completion.  These uploads are also critical as it is used by your trainer to assess the proper technique and execution of certain movements.

When recording your videos, please make sure you follow these guidelines for best results:

  • You are recording in a well-lit location
  • Your videos are edited to show only what is necessary, so please trim out camera setups, outros and failed attemps prior to uploading
  • If you are requesting support from a Trainer, please make sure you upload a video prior to sending a message.  By doing so, a link to your video will automatically be included in your message for your trainer to review.
  • Please choose the best possible angle that demonstrates the movement or skill you would like help with.

You may be asked to resubmit a video, if you fail to follow these guidelines and your video uploads are difficult to view.

Do you offer other programs besides handstands?

We sure do!  Keep an eye out for other programs we will be offering in the near future.  We’ll either announce them via social media or email, so keep an eye out for them!

What are virtual meetups?

Virtual meetups are group online video chats with other members of the Vertikal: Gold program.  Students and teachers from all over the world meet to discuss their training for the week, ask for feedback, gain insights and strategies to help tackle their own personal handstand journey.

For our virtual meetings, we use Skype, a free video call service that allows us to connect with you regardless of where you in the world. To sign-up for the free service, visit:

Meetings are held once a week at 2-3 different times throughout the day so it allows anyone to participate conveniently wherever they are in the world.  Details, schedules, and setup about our virtual meetups are given prior to the program start date.

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