Learn how to take flight

The Flying Crow

Crow pose is considered the gateway to arm balances and inversions.  Discover how to float your entire body on your hands and get ready to soar!

Class Features

Here are some highlights we’ll be covering in class to make sure you’re fully prepared for take-off…

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    We'll start with a full body warmup to integrate the body.

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    Upper Body Strength

    Introduce basic bent-arm strength by learning how to stabilize the shoulders while building core integrity necessary for arm balances.

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    Hip Mobility

    Flow into various hip-openers aimed to increase range of motion in the hips. We'll also cover mobility progressions to further strengthen and mobilize the hips.

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    Core Stabilization

    Learn to use proper core stabilization while developing shoulder and hip strength.

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    We'll balance out the back body with chest openers while continuing to develop shoulder stability.

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    Lift off

    Finally, we'll combine the principles learned throughout class and practice balancing your entire body weight on your hands.


what is yoga athletic?

Yoga Athletic is a collection of bite-sized yoga workouts designed to give you the daily maintenance you need to maintain a regular yoga practice.

Hear it from the people

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About Mark Gonzales Pura

My love for movement comes from an ongoing 15-year yoga practitioner & teaching practice. My background is also influenced by gymnastics, circus arts, basketball, rock climbing, capoeira, kickboxing, parkour, and numerous styles of dance. My teachings reflect a harmonious blend of all these disciplines infused with my passion for wellness, travel, nature, music, and art.

I believe yoga starts to produce amazing results when you cultivate the practice into private sessions at home. With my signature approach to yoga, I can help it become more frequent, potent, dynamic, and even a playful experience. I’ll provide you with everything you need for a great yoga session, all you have to do is roll out your mat!

On-site yoga teacher at

Frequently Asked Questions

What other movement programs do you offer?

Currently I have programs geared for yogis, handstand enthusiasts and the general population that loves bodyweight exercises.  Keep an eye out for various challenges, tutorials, classes, workshops and demos I offer throughout the year. I’ll typically announce them via my social media or through email, so make sure you link up with me through my various social media accounts or simply sign-up for one of many FREE programs offered on my website!

I’m a newbie to yoga / handstands / or fitness in general, are these programs right for me?

I designed these videos for the general practitioner who may be a beginner. If you’re a beginner, welcome 🙂 be prepared to work!  I’ve found that absolute beginners get the most benefit out of my online content in conjunction with private coaching for support throughout the program.  I offer highly effective modifications and safe progressions, as well as keep you on track and motivated to build and maintain a safe, enjoyable, long-term yoga practice. For more information about my private coaching service, visit my coaching page or send me a message!

What if I find the video too easy/difficult?

My aim is to provide you with the right tools and information that is useful, accessible, and unique. If you find the video too easy or difficult, contact me so I can help customize the class for your experience and skill level through private coaching.  Send me a message to get started!

Unsure if I’m the right teacher for you? Go ahead and give me a shot, I have a great money-back guarantee. Simply request a refund by sending a written request and receive a full refund for your purchase. No problem!

What kind of equipment will I need?

One of my favorite aspects about yoga and bodyweight exercises are the minimal equipment requirements.  Some equipment is extremely helpful though, here are some recommendations:

For Yoga:

  • Yoga mat – is essential and highly suggestible, but honestly not absolutely required. Practice on a bare floor or carpet if that’s all you got, just have some ample padding for your knees and wrists using perhaps a blanket or sweater.
  • Yoga block – or two is really handy. It’s used to sit on for seated postures or most commonly used for assistance when balancing and helps bring the floor closer to the hands in certain postures for stability. If you don’t have blocks, maybe a couple of thick hardcover books, maybe a durable shoebox, or even a sturdy water bottle is helpful.
  • Yoga strap – is useful for extending the arms and when you need a longer reach. I’ve even dedicated an upcoming class to using them throughout the practice. Alternatives to yoga straps, can be a towel, but for times where a towel isn’t long enough, belts and ties are some resourceful alternatives.

For Handstands and Bodyweight Exercises:

Since handstands require nothing but your bodyweight, equipment requirements are also pretty minimal.  In most cases, a typical home-gym setup is basically all you need.
This equipment typically includes:
  • Yoga Mat
  • Pull-up Bar (freestanding, doorway, anchored, tree, etc)
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Strap or Hand Towel
  • Bench (Elevated Box/Step)
  • Sliders (or Heavy Duty Paper Plates)
  • Stability Ball
  • Dowel (and weightlifting plates in various weights 2.5lbs-10lbs) or a variety of Weighted Bars (2-15lbs)
  • Light/medium Pairs of Dumbbells (2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 15lb)
  • Jump rope
Optional equipment: Olympic Rings, Stall Bars, Kettlebell, Elastic Bands, TRX
If for any reason, you don’t have access to a particular piece of equipment, send me a note and I’ll help you find an alternative solution.

Can I download my purchases?

Yes! Your purchases, besides streaming, come with the option to download.  Ideal for practice sessions and workouts when internet connection may be low or unavailable (HD videos are roughly 2.5gb).

Who are these programs not suited for? Any contraindications or precautions?

Working out, practicing yoga, or learning handstands like acquiring any skill masterfully, requires time, patience and dedication.  My programs requires you to perform a variety of bodyweight movements which means your entire body will be challenged.  With that in mind, my movement programs are not suitable for the following individuals:

  • If you’ve had a recent back, shoulder, wrist, elbow or neck injury (please consult with your doctor)
  • Those who have had recent back, shoulder, wrist, elbow or neck surgery (please consult with your doctor)
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic pain or illness that affects your ability to exercise or invert upside down
  • Women who are pregnant (or trying)
  • Those you haven’t been cleared from your doctor/physician for strenuous exercise (please consult with your doctor)
  • Individuals who have high blood pressure

And lastly, you should have a green light from your doctor, physician or health care provider to make sure participating in any physical exercise program is good for you to do right now. If you have a unique situation, maybe you’re recovering from an injury, recently had surgery or would like to learn modifications that’s specific to you, please contact me to discuss a more tailored, safer and supervised alternative.

What is your refund policy?

I understand my programs are not for everybody.  Gimme a chance and kick the tires at no-risk to you. I’m on a mission to help others, so if you use my videos and don’t find any benefits, I have a great money-back guarantee. Simply send me a written request within 7 days and receive a full refund for your purchase. No problem!

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