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Mark Gonzales Pura

I create smart, effective yoga workouts that simplify your journey to becoming fit and healthy. Drawing from yoga & various movement disciplines, I’ve designed unique virtual training programs that’ll bring out your inner athlete, or take your established movement practice to the next level.


I can help you:

  • Build a strong, safe, lifelong movement practice
  • Practice anytime, anywhere with my comprehensive yoga video library
  • Refine and optimize your specific skills with private online coaching
  • Stay motivated and engaged with innovative, playful workouts that go beyond traditional yoga

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Bring the practice into the comforts of your home with my online immersion program. Over the course of 30-days, you’ll build (and keep) a complete yoga video library and learn how to develop a safe, strong practice. Other features include private coaching sessions, movement assessment, supplemental exercises, mobility work and more. Everything you need for a thriving, lifelong yoga practice!


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Yoga doesn’t have to be confusing, frustrating or boring. With my online coaching service, you can experience yoga that’s created exactly for you. Here are just some of the benefits:

✓ An expert instructor who will listen to your needs

✓ A coach to keep you motivated, accountable and focused so you practice regularly and get results

✓ A customized plan created for your body and your schedule

✓ Real-time corrections so you can move safely and with confidence

✓ Peace of mind knowing you’re doing the right things for best results

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About Mark Gonzales Pura

My love for movement comes from an ongoing 15-year yoga practitioner & teaching practice. My background is also influenced by gymnastics, circus arts, basketball, rock climbing, capoeira, kickboxing, parkour, and numerous styles of dance. My teachings reflect a harmonious blend of all these disciplines infused with my passion for wellness, travel, nature, music, and art.

I believe yoga starts to produce amazing results when you cultivate the practice into private sessions at home. With my signature approach to yoga, I can help it become more frequent, potent, dynamic, and even a playful experience. I’ll provide you with everything you need for a great yoga session, all you have to do is roll out your mat!

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